Choosing between an Outboard and Inboard Engine

When it comes to boats, one of the things that makes them so special is their engine. After all, whether you are fishing or just cruising to get some sun, you want to get out into the open lake fast. There are three different types of engines to choose from, and all of them offer their own benefits for an aspiring boater.

outboard engines

First, outboard engines are, of course, outside the boat. You can normally see them pretty quickly, where the back of boats have the engine hanging off the side of them. This not only makes the engine easier to fiddle with and keeps it from taking up the limited interior space of the boat, but the engine can also be changed and replaced pretty easily.

Inboard engines are inside the boat’s frame and often come with a rudder to let the boat steer. They’ll often be placed inside of a large box or storage compartment inside the boat, so it can be a little cumbersome if you have a smaller craft, but they don’t produce the noise that an outboard engine does. They also have better torque and horsepower and can have better fuel usage.

The inboard engines do take some time and elbow grease to get in properly and can be a slight hassle to replace, but they have their benefits. So do some research on different types of engines, their uses, and what the purpose of your boat is. You might even end up getting an inboard-outboard engine.

The combination engine uses the benefits of both engines together, and part of the engine stays in the boat while a second part rests in the water under the boat. No matter which ones you end up choosing, you’ll surely find the engine that will propel you forward!